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What Makes a Neutral a “Good” Neutral?

The number one consideration for choosing a dispute resolution service is making sure your neutral is good, whether they are a mediator, arbitrator, or arbiter; but what makes a neutral good? What does “good” really mean in this context? After interviewing business owners in depth to figure out what matters to them the most about…

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Why Lawyers Should Like Neutral-Driven Dispute Resolution

NDR – Neutral-Driven Dispute Resolution – is a less costly and less adversarial way to settle limited-stakes business disputes. It’s driven by neutral judges, peers, or experts, agreed upon in advance by both parties. It’s faster, more affordable, and more collaborative for everyone involved. So, as a lawyer, you may ask, “What’s in it for…

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Why Won’t Law Firms Innovate?

Most law firms still use an “opportunity cost” model to charge by the hour, regardless of outcome and how much is at stake. The reason law firms don’t change the way they are doing business is this simple – law firms won’t change because clients don’t make them. Law firms are waiting for clients to…

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Arbiter Lance Descourouez Wins Vistage Cope Award

Media Contact Jackie Flaten, for Just Resolve 650-468-6252  |  jdflaten@gmail.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Just Resolve’s Business Arbiter awarded Top Honor in Global Leadership Organization Silicon Valley’s Lance Descourouez, international business consultant, mentor and community leader provides expert guidance as arbiter for Just Resolve, a firm changing how business justice is delivered October 6, 2016 –…

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