Skip costly attorney duels and resolve disputes better, faster, and cheaper!

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Resolve common business disputes in weeks,

not months or years, saving 80%
on typical legal costs

Justice, Justified

Do you give up seeking justice in common disputes because you fear excessive legal costs, wasted time, undue stress, and damaged relationships?
The traditional legal process is driven by competing lawyers, who spend resources in seemingly endless process activities and discovery.

Just Resolve offers a better alternative:

3-step conflict resolution process driven not by teams of competing lawyers,

but by a neutral arbiter who is interested in quick and effective dispute resolution.

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Step 1


Parties agree, choose neutral Arbiter
Step 2


Arbiter investigates facts and law
Step 3


Arbiter decides, invites feedback, parties comply

Neutral-Driven Resolution (NDR)

NDR process is most effective for disputes
between $10k and $500k
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Fair and Predictable
Stays Private
Low Cost
Potential to Save Relations

Reduce your risks of high legal costs, lost time, unnecessary stress, and damaged relationships.

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