Just Resolve's mission is to promote and facilitate a neutral-driven, non-adversarial method for alternative dispute resolution in limited stakes cases.

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Rob Christopher: Reformed Litigator. Disruptive Innovator. Author.


Rob is the founder and CEO of Just Resolve. He is also General Counsel and Co-Owner of Christopher Ranch LLC, a family-owned California farm business whose fresh garlic products are a nationally recognized brand.

Rob is also an accomplished, AV Preeminent (highest peer rating for ethical standards and legal ability) litigation and trial attorney, formerly of New York based Coudert Brothers LLP, where he last served as regional managing partner for Northern California, and California based Hopkins & Carley ALC. For 35 years prior to founding Just Resolve, Rob practiced in commercial, antitrust, and intellectual property litigation, highlights of which included earning one of the 50 largest California business case verdicts in 2009 on behalf of a leading US manufacturer in a bet-the-company case, and successfully defending a small breakaway church community from its monopoly-bent mother church in a copyright infringement and fair use legal war.

Rob has also served as a mediator, arbitrator, and settlement Judge Pro-Tem for the Santa Clara County Superior Court. He is admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court, California state courts, numerous federal district courts and several federal circuit courts of appeal. His speaking engagements on disruption and innovation in dispute resolution include law school guest lecturing, chamber of commerce talks, a seminar delivered to the California AGC and numerous talks to business CEO groups and law firms.

After three decades in the legal space, Rob saw a need for innovation – specifically in limited stakes cases. His research led to the development of the neutral-driven, non-adversarial method for alternative dispute resolution in limited stakes cases that Just Resolve promotes and facilitates. This method is the foundation of Just Resolve’s conscious capitalism and the inspiration for his upcoming book on the need for this kind of disruptive innovation in civil litigation.

In addition to serving on corporate and charitable boards, Rob is a CEO member of Vistage International. His active personal interests include tennis, performing in local and civic theatres, mountain hiking (summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Whitney), playing and singing music, travel, and loving his wife of 37 years and his two grown sons and their families.

Rob earned an AB with Honors in Economics from Stanford University, and his JD from the University of California at Davis.


Sabine Prather: Director, Business Development


Sabine Prather is a highly accomplished professional serving as Just Resolve’s Director of Business Development. Her exceptional blend of common sense, business acumen, and keen ability to envision the bigger picture has made her instrumental in driving the success and growth of multiple small businesses.

Sabine’s passionate belief in the value and potential of Just Resolve’s neutral-driven dispute resolution (NDR) method and services stems from her comprehensive training and expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) across all its facets. For example, she currently serves as a dedicated mediator, lending her expertise to the small claims division of the Superior Court of California for the County of Santa Cruz. As a trained and certified mediator, she has successfully facilitated hundreds of mediations encompassing a wide range of issues. She also serves her community and makes a positive impact by volunteering her time and skills to the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz. Her level-headedness, practical wisdom, genuine passion for helping others, and unwavering commitment to fairness have earned her the respect and gratitude of those with whom she has worked.

Beyond her professional and dispute resolution endeavors, Sabine's compassionate nature drives her to work also with Native Animal Rescue, reflecting a deeply held commitment to animal welfare. She also has devoted her time and energy to numerous other nonprofit service organizations which make a difference for good in the lives of many, such as the Crisis Text Line, the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County, and Club Dust. Finally, she enjoys time with friends, playing tennis, hiking, and walking on the beach.

Sabine earned a BA in German Area Studies from the University of California at Davis and a MS in Nutritional Science (concentration Packaging Technology) from San Jose State University. Additionally, she completed an Alternative Dispute Resolution course through California State University, Monterey Bay, and has taken multiple mediation training through the Conflict Resolution Center in Santa Cruz County.


Just Resolve recruits, vets, and provides neutral arbiters to resolve disputes for its customers. If we don’t currently have an arbiter that covers your required area of expertise, we will recruit, vet, and provide you with a choice of arbiters for your particular dispute. For more details, see our Arbiters.

If you are interested in becoming an Arbiter with Just Resolve, please fill out our Become an Arbiter form.


“I recommend Just Resolve when litigation is not the right solution for my client.”

Eugene Ashley

Shareholder, Hopkins & Carley ALC


“Our decision to include Just Resolve clauses in hundreds of customer contracts has made us a more attractive business partner, while contributing to an almost perfect record for resolving such customer disputes without costly litigation.”

Carol Meschter

CEO of Comparative Biosystems, Inc., Sunnyvale, California


“My business partner and I were able to reconcile and avoid costly litigation after I engaged Just Resolve in a neutral first party facilitation. The approach made so much sense!”

Sharon Reeves

Past President Photoflex

“I will use Just Resolve services because they get the ’emotion’ out of the process, focus solely on seeking the truth on a level playing field, and make an objective, binding decision faster than the current alternatives.”

Don Billups

President (retired), Air Systems, Inc., San Jose, California


“Just Resolve changes the dispute resolution construct from win/lose to win/win – by driving the cost, stress and gamesmanship out of the process.”

Frank York

Butler Construction

“My customer and I were set to fight over a major warranty claim, but after talking with Just Resolve, we agreed that legal costs would swamp the stakes. When I proposed using Just Resolve’s truth-focused process, the logjam broke and we reached a fair settlement.”

Bruce Wood

Former President/CEO of ePower Synergies, Inc., Cordova, Illinois

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