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Just Resolve’s Business Arbiter awarded Top Honor in Global Leadership Organization

Silicon Valley’s Lance Descourouez, international business consultant, mentor and community leader provides expert guidance as arbiter for Just Resolve, a firm changing how business justice is delivered

October 6, 2016 – SAN JOSE, CA – Just Resolve, a business which provides a revolutionary way to fairly and economically resolves common legal disputes, announced today that one of its arbiter panelists, Lance was named Vistage International’s Cope Award Winner. Descourouez recognized organizational consultant, executive coach, and training specialist who has worked in 42 countries across six continents.

Lance Descourouez, Vistage International 2016 Cope Awardee

“We extend our congratulations to Lance on this highly deserved, prestigious honor,” said Rob Christopher, Just Resolve CEO. “Lance epitomizes the kind of deep expertise, integrity and absolute adherence to the truth we value in our arbiters, who are charged with delivering affordable justice. His longtime global business experience and cultural sensitivity are real assets to Just Resolve’s customers who are seeking a modern way to handle their business relationships.”

Prior to beginning Lance Consulting and becoming a Master Chair with Vistage International, Descourouez served in multiple leadership roles in the areas of global organizational development and executive leadership. He is also currently working with Vistage China, the Inspire USA Foundation, and LCI Global Communications.

Just Resolve’s neutral-driven approach replaces open-ended legal costs with fixed-fee resolution pricing, resolving everyday business problems faster and economically while providing judicial-quality results. Arbiters control and proactively conduct the investigation into a case’s facts and law in a fair and neutral manner, thereby assuring an efficient, truth-focused resolution process. If necessary, they also ultimately render final decisions.

Vistage International, an exclusive community of more than 21,000 business leaders across an array of industries in 16 countries, provides powerful networking opportunities and peer advisory groups. The Cope Award was established in 1986; the annual recipient is selected from the highest performing nominees worldwide


San Jose, California-based Just Resolve delivers real justice to honest businesses and individuals wherever traditional adversarial process and advocacy are too expensive and inefficient. Recognizing that there is no real justice unless resolution costs are kept to a reasonable fraction of what’s at stake, Just Resolve uses a fixed price, neutral-driven approach that preempts the high costs of opposing lawyers’ formal advocacy – including duplicated work, costly delays and legal gamesmanship – in disputes where having the “better lawyer” almost never makes enough difference in outcome to make economic sense. Its services are gaining traction as a straightforward method to solve limited stakes business conflicts quickly, fairly, and at an appropriate cost. For more information, visit

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