Defusing Disputes with Neutral-Driven Process Keeps You Out of Court

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Life moves quickly and businesses need to work hard to keep pace. Along the way, it is not uncommon for stressful legal issues to arise.

Whether conflicts come up internally or between businesses partners, clients or vendors, legal action is a far too common scenario. Unfortunately, it has become a trend to simply take any issue directly into the legal system, where time-consuming processes deliver costly, profit-stealing results.  Maybe that makes sense when stakes are high, but most disputes have limited stakes that can’t justify all those costs.  For the latter, there is a better way.

Take the High Ground and Enjoy A Winning View

It is normal in conflict for emotions and egos to play major roles, spawning individual agendas, exaggerated claims, tit-for-tat attorney gamesmanship, vindication fever, and fear of losing or being taken advantage of.  Insert these driving forces into the rules and tools of legal procedure and the inevitable consequence is huge waste – of time, money, and peace of mind.

Just Resolve’s efficient alternative to litigation changes all that by allowing both sides to take the high ground by settling their differences within parameters that are principled, fair, honest, dignified, and so time- and cost-efficient that, right or wrong, win or lose, both sides get a better net outcome.

A Simplified, Truth-Focused Approach to Conflict Resolution

At Just Resolve, we know that there are complex cases that are best handled within the legal system, but we’ve seen the benefit of taking a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution when legal and related costs will exceed the money value in dispute.

Just Resolve’s secret sauce is neutral-driven resolution, or “NDR.” NDR is a focused and practical search for truth conducted by a mutually agreed and expert neutral judge or “arbiter.”  In this method, parties are still free to get and rely on their attorneys’ advice, but the resolution process, including both investigation and analysis, moves forward without allowing the  attorneys to maneuver and battle for advantage.  Expensive formal “discovery” is replaced by simple party and witness interviews and review of whatever records the arbiter requests.    Competing briefs and contentious hearings are replaced by truth-focused analysis.  The time  and professional workload needed, therefore, reduce to a fraction of normal.

A Protective Shield for Your Business

Just Resolve keeps our customers out of court with a proactive approach to conflict. There is no reason to wait until you’re facing a lawsuit to put neutral-driven dispute resolution options in place.  We do this through:

  1. Proactive protection

We help you build a wall of protection against lawsuits with neutral-driven, non-adversarial dispute resolution (NDR) clauses in business contracts and an option for NDR settlement of grievances in employment agreements, offers and handbooks.

  1. Dispute interception

When an issue arises, you can make a First Call to Just Resolve with or without a contract.  A neutral third party will review the situation and reach out to both sides about using NDR to save everyone time, money and stress.

  1. Fast, affordable resolution

If the parties need the NDR process to settle their differences, Just Resolve will facilitate and administer by vetting expert arbiter candidates, quoting a fixed all-inclusive fee, helping document the parties’ agreement, and providing simple rules and guidance through the process.

Contact Us Today

When you’re ready to skip the court system and adopt an efficient, dignified, and business-friendly approach to dealing with commercial and workplace disputes, reach out! You deserve both real justice and peace of mind.  Get both from Just Resolve.  We’re here to help.  Contact us today!


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