Arbiter Tamara Pow Wins Women of Influence 2017 Award


Tamara Pow received a Women of Influence 2017 award from the Silicon Valley Business Journal last week and Rob and Sonya were fortunate enough to join this accomplished legal practitioner and Just Resolve Arbiter in this celebration.

Ms. Pow has a unique mix of business, tax, and real estate legal experience. She is a licensed attorney and real estate broker with an MBA. The legal practice she founded, Strategy Law, LLP, focuses on helping businesses negotiate deals and navigate the swirling rivers of legal compliance and conflict avoidance.

Ms. Pow has been a supporter of Just Resolve since its inception and has been proactive with businesses when drafting agreements to include clauses specifying Just Resolve as a preferred and economic dispute resolution provider.  Her recent experience as a party in business litigation has reaffirmed her support for Just Resolve’s neutral-driven method and its mission  to help people avoid contentious litigation that can last for years and cost more than the amount at issue.

Ms. Pow says, “Just Resolve is different because it eliminates the most expensive part of litigation, the litigators.  Although a good litigator can be priceless, for smaller disputes or disputes without the possibility of collecting your attorney’s fees from the other side, it is often more important to avoid long drawn out expensive litigation.”

Her negotiating philosophy and deal-making style is to try to resolve disputes on a win-win basis and she always has an approach to “make the pie bigger.” These characteristics make her a great neutral Arbiter for Just Resolve.

With this unique mix of skills and her desire to help businesses move forward, avoid conflicts and resolve disputes in a client-centric way, it’s no wonder she received the Women of Influence 2017 award from the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

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